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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Would an iPad2 be a good replacement for a laptop?

I have an old laptop that I originally planned on trading in for a new one when I get my income tax return, but now that I'm hearing about the new iPad2 being released next week, I'm thinking about getting one of those instead. Would it be cheaper and could it do everything a laptop could? I don't know much about the current iPad and I know none of us know what the new one will have, but could I have some suggestions?


iPad for College Cons:
*No CD/DVD/CD-RW Player/Burner
*Can't Download Programs
*Can't Multitask (Surf Internet, Write Paper, Listen To Music)
*WiFi Detecting is diminished
*Can't Put Files on Flash Drive/Removable Device
*Can Get Scratched/Cracks Easier
*Small Display, Resulting in Much Finger Movement (Zooming In)

Laptop for College Pros:
*CD/DVD Player (Possible Burner)
*Download Programs/Files
*Multitasking Enabled
*Stronger WLAN Adapter Card (Connect to Wireless Internet from Greater Distances)
*Transfer Files from Laptop to External/Removable Media (Flash Drive)
*Large, Comfortable Display

Hope that helps! :)


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