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Saturday, April 9, 2011

If I jailbreak an iPhone and use the app for wifi will I need a big data plan?

I'm about to buy an iPhone 4 but I'm not sure how much mb to get for my data plan (500mb or 1gb). But if I jailbreak the iPhone and use that app (I think it's called SSH or something) which gives you wifi where ever you are, will I even need the extra 500mb or will all my internet usage be on wifi therefore eliminating the for a large data plan?

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Don't do it!! I jail broke my iPhone and it completely destroyed it! It still worked, just everything was so slow the phone was totally garbage. The internet speed was like waiting for water to boil. I had to hit end call like 8 times to end a call. It was terrible, I would not recommend it.

Also, we just got the Sprint HTC Evo shift, and you get a wifi signal that comes with the phone. It's the coolest phone I've ever had. If I'm somewhere where there is wifi, I just turn this app on on my phone and I get full signal on my computer and the speed is amazing! It turns your phone into a wireless router and this app is already installed on the phone when you buy it. If you don't have sprint, they have otns of deals to switch you to their network. You can bring your phone number with you plus get tons a credits which for us, it worked out to be a free phone bill for 3 months. Plus, with the plan you get with the htc evo, you get unlimited data text everything. We spend about $120 a month on these two phones compared to At&t Iphones we were spening $200 with only 150mb of data I believe. It was only good to use the internet for a few ties to check something quick


My iPhone is in the dump!

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I was looking for the similar question last several days. while attempting to search the solution I stumbled upon a way to get the iOS4 for free from! the iOS4 is coming next week n im so excited!

Enjoy the new phone

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