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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Read eBooks On Your iPod

Do you know how to read eBook in the iPod? With the help of the iPod eBook Creator, we can split up the large eBook file into multiple smaller files. So that iPod can manage to read the eBook. The eBook files will store in the iPod Notes folder.
Firstly, you pick the eBook that you want to read on your iPod. Make sure that the eBook is in a plain text (TXT) or rich text (RTF) file.
Then, using a your USB cable connect your iPod to the computer.
Make sure in the iTunes program you have “Enable Disk Use”. That’s will grant you to access the Notes folder.
Step three, using iPod eBook Creator convert the eBook to make the Notes support it. Save the eBook converted files in ZIP file format.
By browsing to the Notes directory in iTunes from your computer unzip the file into the Notes folder on the iPod
Open the Extras folder on your iPod, before that unplug the iPod from the computer. From there, on your iPod open the Notes folder.
Lastly, locate the first file that iPod eBook Creator converted on your iPod. Then click on the file in your iPod and begin reading your eBook

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